Clock with Money in hand

The number one concern is getting open before your rent commences. First one needs to fully understand all of the phases in the process, and realizing the actual time it takes to get through each phase. Here is the full process from start to finish.

Project Timeline

Design Phase

  • Conceptual Design
  • Floor plan
  • Ceiling plan (lighting and decorative)
  • Storefront (if applicable)
  • Elevations

Architectural Phase

  • Development of all Architectural plans
  • Development of all Engineering plans

Construction Budgeting Phase

  • Preliminary bidding to determine if your construction documents reflect the budget you set for construction. If over budget, consider “value engineering” to lower costs.

Approval Phase

  • Submittal to Building Department
  • Submittal to Division of Hotel & Restaurant (if applicable)
  • Submittal to Landlord for approval (if applicable)

Construction Phase

  • Building Permit Issued
  • Demolition Begins (if required)
  • Rough Construction Begins (layout, under ground, framing, above ceiling)
  • Rough Individual Inspections
  • Final Individual Inspections
  • Final Inspection
  • Health Inspection (if applicable)
  • Stocking
  • Training
  • Grand Opening