Construction Manager for Hire

So, you are in an expansion mode? You will need a construction manager to supervise your new projects. Can you justify the payroll expense? Why not consider retaining a Project Manager and pay a fixed fee for each new project? We can direct you to a manager experienced at managing every aspect of the process, from conceptual design, through grand opening.

Conceptual Design

Designing or improving the design of your business is an evolving process. From picking color and treatments, to creating that perfect layout, design evolves over time. What about furniture details? Will your merchandise fit? What about your transaction counter? Will your P.O.S. properly fit? A Project Manager Reviews each and every detail to make sure your grand opening is as smooth as can be.

Construction Documents

Even a pre-designed franchise concept has to adapt the master design to the existing conditions of your new site. This may involve moving fixtures and/or equipment around to properly fit your space. The architectural plans have to be developed to implement the conceptual design, and the engineering documents need to accurately reflect the equipment specified. Will you be able to verify that the information is correct?


The most expensive aspect of your expansion plans. The process where everything you expect to happen on time never does, and the amount you plan on spending is never enough! Proper planning and correct information can eliminate cost over runs and keep the process on schedule.

Construction Scheduling and Project Timeline